Anlaby's Inn  Morpeth NSW 1834~1963   
Located in the historic New South Wales town of Morpeth
The  building was photographed in 1933 by Athol Dombrain  and presented to my husband in 1965. Anlaby's Inn was demolished after a severe storm in 1963. It is from this history that our home was built and that Anlaby Designs of Morpeth was created and became a household name in the craft world of bead knitting. Marie Messmer being the founder of Anlaby Designs now run as a online supplier of Bead Knitting Patterns and Basic Bobbin Lace supplies for beginners wishing to make handmade Lace.  

 Bead Knitted and Bead Crochet Cloche Hat
embellished with handmade Torchon Bobbin Lace 2012

In early 2012 I designed and produced this 1920 cloche hat for the modern day bride. 
Inspiration for this design come from my mother's wedding in 1928.  Thus combining the two old crafts that have become a special interest with  a need to past these skills on to the next generation meaning maybe one or two of grand children. This is where I suffered poor health and lost many fine motor skills in my left hand and it is only now in the year 2015 I am able to return to the crafts I wish to pass on before these skills are lost.        




Rose Short and Long Skirt Patterns.

The Rose half doll became the my first inspiration for bead knitted skirt for half dolls in the year 1999 and became the original concept of bead knitting for half dolls and full porcelain dolls. Not being a doll maker, I purchased many half dolls for my original bead knitted designs from five well know doll artists in Australia.
However the normal knitting cast on method did not fill my inspiration for the many half dolls on the market. 
Marie Ellen, Claudia and the Josephine Cape are three of my larger designs.
You may wish to view many of my designs in the Photo Album on this web site.

Rose Flared Pattern.

The Rose Flared design came about by changing the knitting technique of casting on. Thus "The Messmer Cast on Thumb Method "  using beads to flare out the lower edge of the beaded skirts became a standard method for many of the bead knitted skirts to follow. At this stage of designing I also found that knitting from the hem of the skirt the beads would fall with gravity, to give a more pleasing effect to the eye and luster to the knitted beads.  

The Messmer cast on Thumb Method is now being used in Australia and in many other countries. 

Hand of Grace Pattern.

Hand of Grace being the first bead knitted bag I designed  in the year 1998, the pattern is still on the market and continues to sell well.  Hand of Grace became my teaching tool for bead knitting over many years.

Elizabeth Evening Bag Pattern.

The Elizabeth evening bag being the second bead knitted bag has remained popular over the years.
Many of my clients have knitted this evening bag for weddings or special occasions.

Display of Bead Knitted Patterns. 

A collection of my bead knitted designs using a clear crystal bead with coloured thread.Half dolls with knitted skirts are Rhoda, Monica Petite and Catherine. Beaded bags are Mary Louise, Hand of Grace and Adele Clare using a gate frame.